Kingsburg Youth Soccer League

Player Photo Instructions for Parents

The photos that are loaded into the player account using the "upload photo" function within the Kingsburg Youth Soccer League database ARE the photos that will print on the Player Passes (CYSA Player Cards) during the current season. Typically Player Passes are used by U12, U14, U16 and older teams, as well as U8 and U10 teams going to tournament(s) at the end of the season.

By uploading a CORRECTLY CROPPED photo of your player, you are making less work for your child's coach. Player Passes must be printed and laminated before the first game of the season.

--These photos should be passport/headshot style photos with a CLEAR VIEW of the players face cropped, TOP OF HEAD TO BOTTOM OF CHIN and EAR TO EAR WITH A CLOSE UP OF THE FACE.

--No sunglasses or hats

--Only player's face in the picture

--No full body shots

--No shadows or sun from behind

See below:

If a photo is not properly uploaded, it will be deleted and the entire team or could be put on a "printing hold" until such time the photo(s) are properly uploaded into the team account. ALL photos can be uploaded, viewed and even fixed by logging into the PLAYER REGISTRATION account but this must be done no later than August 15 by 8:00 a.m. Unfortunately, uploading player pictures on Bonzi Team WILL NOT update the Player Registration profile picture. KYSL has already notified Bozni of this negative feature.

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