Kingsburg Youth Soccer League

I'm Registered, Now What?

What size ball should my player have?

Is there a Goal Keeper?

How many kids are on the field at a time?

How long are the games?

All of these questions can be answered from the chart below:

When are games?
Kingsburg Youth Soccer League begins alongside the California Youth Soccer Association's 10-week fall season. Games typically begin the second Saturday in September and run every Saturday for 10 weeks. KYSL games begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. The hour of the last game of the day depends on the number of teams, number of fields, and number of coaching conflicts (head coaches with an additional team).
When are the schedules out?
The schedules are made based on the number of teams, which is based on the number of players. Once rosters are finalized (after registration has closed) the scheduling criteria is gathered. Coaching conflicts, field space allowances, time constraints are our major obstacles. Please allow one week for schedules to be confirmed once the constraints have been secured/allowed.
When will I hear from the Coach?
Coaches will contact players the fourth Friday of August. If you do not hear from your player's coach by the following day, please email
What does KYSL provide? What do I need to get?
KSYL provides a team jersey, soccer short, and matching team socks.

Your soccer player will need soccer cleats (baseball and softball cleats have a toe spike that soccer cleats don't have) and shin guards. A soccer ball of his/her own would be most helpful during training and practice. Coaches always have about three extra balls if a player needs to use one.

Our flyer has more detail as to what your registration fee goes toward.
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