Kingsburg Youth Soccer League

KYSL Disciplinary Rulings
Game reports and "Referee Send-Off Report" for all age groups' games during which players or coaches are expelled (Red Card) shall be sent to the Disciplinary Committee. Individuals shall be informed of the disciplinary action.

The Disciplinary Committee shall act on all disciplinary matters and shall have discretionary powers in determining disciplinary action applied to team personnel, players, and/or spectators. Game suspensions listed below are to be regarded as minimums for the charged offenses.

When sent off the field of play and shown the red card for infringement of the "Laws of the Game," players, coaches, and/or spectators shall be disciplined by further games suspension as follows:

Serious foul play: Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, intentionally impeding an opponent denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity; intentionally tripping, holding, unlawfully charging or tackling an opponent from behind; or charging in a dangerous and violent manner.
All age groups - Suspension for a minimum of one (1) game.

Foul and abusive language: Examples include, but not necessarily limited to, words uttered in frustration, and loud enough to be heard outside the field of play, on sidelines or vicinity. Coaches and/or spectators’ words uttered in frustration directed towards any referee, linesperson, or league official, including malicious hearsay, gossip, or defamation.
All age groups- Suspension for a minimum of one (1) game.

Violent conduct: Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, spitting, or other unseemly act, on or at another person; striking or attempting to strike another player, team official or spectator; unlawfully entering the field of play during an altercation. Pushing in an act of aggression, striking or attempting to strike a referee, linesperson (assistant referee), or any official.
All age groups - Suspension for a minimum of one (1) game.

Disciplinary action may be appealed in writing to KYSL- Attn: Disciplinary Committee, P.O. Box 401, Kingsburg, CA 93631. Decisions may require a Board of Directors’ vote, which may take up to 3 weeks, pending board member availability or special meeting requirements.

Adopted July 2017 Kingsburg Youth Soccer League, Inc.
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