Kingsburg Youth Soccer League

KYSL Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Kingsburg Youth Soccer League, Inc. (KYSL) is committed to the exhibition of sportsmanlike and ethical behaviors in and around all athletic events. All games and practices must be safe, fair, controlled, and orderly for all athletes, coaches, and spectators alike.

It is the intent of KYSL, that violence in any form will not be tolerated. In order to enforce this policy, KYSL has established rules and regulations which set the manner of enforcement and the penalties which can happen when violations of the policy occur. These rules shall focus on the regulations set forth by KYSL, under the bylaws of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA). See Disciplinary Rulings form for specific information regarding KYSL guidelines for enforcing disciplinary measures.

KYSL requires the following Code of Ethics & Conduct to be agreed to by players, parents/guardians, coaches/officials, and spectators each year to govern their behavior, respectively. This is publicly posted on our website and is automatically agreed to by participation (either directly by registration or indirectly by attendance to any KYSL sponsored event).

Code of Conduct:

  • Emphasize sportsmanlike conduct, fair play, and (for recreation teams) equal playing time

  • No heckling, jeering, or distracting players/coaches/referees at any time

  • Respect the judgment and strategy of the coach(es), addressing them only after games/practices

  • Harassment/swearing at players, coaches, or officials will result in disciplinary measures

  • Refrain from any activity or conduct that may be detrimental to KYSL, or its members/programs

  • Interact positively with opposing team members/parents/spectators, welcoming all team families

  • Support our officials by not vocally criticizing them, and allow the coach to deal with referee issues

Code of Ethics:

As a participating member of the Kingsburg Youth Soccer League, I understand that I represent the KYSL as well as the community of Kingsburg, at large. I acknowledge that poor behavior during games, practices, tournaments, or any KYSL sponsored event may result in removal from the complex or vicinity of play. I may be required to wait in the parking lot or near the field exit until my child is done with his/her activity. Repeated offenses may result in expulsion from KYSL for myself, my players, and/or my family.

I will refrain from negative, insulting, or embarrassing dialogue and/or taunting behavior with any players, coaches, officials, parents or spectators, before, during, and after all soccer-related activities. I agree to spread positive encouragement and support equally among all teams, not just my own, and acknowledge that as a recreation league, fostering a love of the game and development of all players is of utmost priority.

Adopted May 2017 Kingsburg Youth Soccer League, Inc.

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